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2004 Hall of Fame
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Fred the "town dog" lived to be about 13 years of age. He was a male, Airedale mix with a heart for all of Rockford, Alabama. He truly became Rockford's ambassador by welcoming visitors to town and he was invariably the first to welcome newcomers. He was steadfast in guarding the children at the elementary school, or guarding the bank, or local foodmart. He was adept at helping to raise funds for charity, and his likeness still sells souvenirs and other items for the city. He had served as grand marshall in numerous parades and he brought fame to the city through local newspaper and magazine articles, local television exposure and even national television coverage. He had been adopted at least twice by a local family to live a normal dog's life, but chose instead to return to his post in town. Fred was voted into the hall of fame because of his unusual dedication to this town and the respect citizens of the town had for him. He was nominated by Dr. John Christian and supported in his nomination by numerous citizens of Rockford.

Paxton was a guide dog for Mr. Jerry McKee who lived in Jacksonville at the time Paxton won his induction into the hall of fame. As is usual for guide dogs, Paxton was outstanding. But induction was from an incident with a pickup truck early one morning while both were walking. A young man in a pickup truck was backing up toward Mr. McKee and Paxton. Mr. McKee was unaware of the danger but Paxton threw himself into Mr. McKee's leg, knocking him out of the path of the truck and clearly saving his life. Paxton went under the truck but fortunately was not injured at that time. About a year later Paxton developed cancer which claimed his life. Paxton was nominated by Dr. Paula Thorne.


Pioneer is a short, fat, round, chocolate with white spots POA (Pony of Americas), who performs his duties at the Marianna Greene Henry Special Equestrians of the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind. Money was raised by the Birmingham Life Members Chapter of the Bell South Telephone Pioneers to purchase the pony. He is fairly large by pony standards and is about sixteen (16) years of age. Pioneer is described as patient and curious, cool and calm around these special needs children. Pioneer was accepted into the hall of fame because he has clearly enriched that program and touched many small lives (as well of the lives of the instructors) that only a cool and calm pony could do. Dr. Dale Lowery nominated him and Tim Greene is the MGH arena coordinator at the AIDB in Talledega, Alabama. He can be reached at (256) 761-3364.

Red Dog is a three year-old, male, bloodhound used for tracking for the St. Clair Correction Facility, a part of the Alabama Department of Corrections located in Springville, Alabama. Red Dog is a member of the canine unit and was nominated because he is considered one of the best tracking dogs in the nation. His history of successful captures of felons confirms his ability and won him a place in the Hall of Fame. His list of successful captures is long and includes rapists, escapees, drug dealers, armed robbers, vehicle theft suspect and burglary suspects. Dr. Charles Payton from Oneonta nominated him along with his handler, Mr. Wade Sanders.
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