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Some of our most popular books are listed here.  Click on any book below for a quick search menu.

Nelson & Couto: Small Animal Internal Medicine, 3rd Edition.   Approx. 1376 pages, Approx. 700 illustrations (500 in full color), Copyright 2003, $155.00, Hardcover
This outstanding reference focuses on the clinically relevant aspects of the most commonly encountered internal medical problems in dogs and cats. Now in its 3rd edition, Small Animal Internal Medicine has been hailed for its emphasis on diagnostic approaches to clinical signs, diagnostics techniques, general therapeutics, and synopses of important disorders. It teaches readers how to think critically and develop decision-making skills. The first sections cover specific disorders by body system, while the final sections pertain to oncology, hematology and immunology, and infectious diseases. Each section has been developed by one author for a consistent approach, beginning with discussions of clinical signs and leading into diagnostic techniques and appropriate treatment. Extensive color illustrations, tables, and algorithms set this book apart.
Millis, Levine & Taylor: Canine Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy.  Approx. 544 pages, Approx. 300 illustrations, Copyright 2004, $79.95, Softcover
This one-of-a-kind resource bridges the gap between physical therapy and veterinary training. It provides an understanding of basic physical therapy techniques and interventions, empowering vets to effectively evaluate and treat dogs with debilitating conditions. Important legal and ethical issues are thoroughly explored, and regulatory practices and collaborative relationships are clearly explained.
Quesenberry & Carpenter: Ferrets, Rabbits and Rodents, 2nd Edition - Clinical Medicine and Surgery.  Approx. 496 pages, Approx. 400 illustrations, Copyright 2004, $57.95, Softcover
Addresses the common questions and concerns of the practicing veterinarian who works with small mammals. Serves as a useful reference for veterinary students, technicians, research scientists, pet shop owners, pet owners, and breeders. Because preventive medicine is crucial to small mammal medicine, coverage includes basic biology, husbandry, and routine care of the healthy animal. Also features chapters on disease management, surgery, and radiology.
Feldman & Nelson: Canine and Feline Endocrinology and Reproduction, 3rd Edition.
Approx. 1104 pages, Approx. 850 illustrations, Copyright 2004, $110.00, Hardcover
This book provides complete, current information on pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of endocrine, metabolic, and reproductive diseases in dogs and cats. It also discusses the importance of testing procedures in endocrine and reproductive diseases, as well as cost-effective and expedient diagnostic protocols.

Landsberg, Hunthausen & Ackerman: Handbook of Behavior Problems of the Dog and Cat, 2nd Edition.  554 pp., 50 ills., Copyright 2004, $69.95, Softcover
This best-selling, practical book on behavior therapy offers easily-accessible information in a user-friendly approach. With this essential handbook, veterinarians don't need to be behavior specialists to provide optimum care for clients with behavior problems. The 2nd edition provides at-a-glance solutions to common behavior problems, offering updated information on preventive and basic counseling advice, as well as new material on the link between genetics and behavior. All treatment protocols have been drawn from and text and compiled into a convenient appendix in the back of the book. Staff responsibilities and the team approach to behavior counseling are also discussed.

Piermattei & JohnsonAn Atlas of Surgical Approaches to the Bones and Joints of the Dog and Cat, 4th Edition.   Approx. 416 pages, Approx. 100 illustrations, Copyright 2004, $76.95, Hardcover
This well-illustrated atlas provides detailed coverage of the surgical anatomy of the skeletal system of dogs and cats. It's a great learning and teaching tool for small animal surgery that contains highly detailed and clearly labeled drawings of bones and joints. The comprehensive coverage and vivid detail allow surgeons to explore a variety of approaches to fit each unique clinical situation.
Holmstrom, Frost & Eisner:  Veterinary Dental Techniques, 3rd Edition. 
Approx. 704 pages, 235 illus., Copyright 2004, $86.95, Hardcover
The third edition of Veterinary Dental Techniques continues to serve as an easy-to-use, practical guide to dental techniques and materials for the small animal practitioner. Covers a wide range of topics including examination and charting, routine and advanced periodontal care, endodontic treatment, orthodontics, dental anesthesia, and ergonomics.
Morgan, Bright &Swartout: Handbook of Small Animal Practice, 4th Edition,  Over 1755 pp, Illustd, Copyright 2003, $169.00, Hardcover
This easy-to-use resource provides the most current information on practical veterinary medicine. Offering a fresh perspective on many diseases and disorders, it allows for quick and easy access to various subjects. Content is presented in a concise, outline format and covers a wide range of topics including Cardiovascular, Neurology, Reproduction, Dermatology, Diseases of the Ear and Eye, Nutrition, Environment, and a whole lot more!

Spanish version of 3rd edition also available, ISBN: 84-8174-351-8

Fubini & Ducharme: Farm Animal Surgery,  Approx. 624 pages, Approx. 800 illustrations, Copyright 2004, $135.00, Hardcover
This is the only resource of its kind that provides practical field-tested surgical procedures for farm animals. Many procedures can safely be performed in the field as standing surgery using portable chutes that help keep the animals immobilized. Coverage includes key information on patient preparation, anesthesia concerns, fluid therapy, imaging options, and postoperative management.
Reed, Bayly & Sellon:  Equine Internal Medicine, 2nd Edition,  Approx. 1680 pages, 350 illus., Copyright 2004, $165.00, Softcover
Equine Internal Medicine is devoted solely to internal medicine. This problem-oriented book is organized into two primary sections. Part 1 focuses on the mechanisms underlying disease and the principles underlying treatment. Part 2 takes a body systems approach to common problems. Individual diseases are discussed in terms of anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, clinical signs, diagnosis, and treatment.

Lorenz & Kornegay: Handbook of Veterinary Neurology, 4th Edition,  Approx. 480 pages, Approx. 100 illustrations, Copyright 2004,  $64.95, Softcover
The revision of this popular veterinary medicine textbook is perfect for use in basic neuroscience courses, clinical neurology courses, and as a reference for practicing veterinarians. Divided into two parts, the first covers the fundamental concepts required to make an accurate neurological diagnosis, and Part 2 is organized in a problem-oriented format. Instructor resources are available; please contact your Elsevier sales representative for details.

Fowler & Miller:  Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine, 5th Edition,  Approx. 992 pages, Approx. 867 ills., Copyright 2003, $134.00, Hardcover
This thoroughly revised, up-to-date text covers diagnosis and treatment of all zoo and wild animals, including amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, and camelidae. Logically organized by species, the consistent, user-friendly format addresses an animal's biology, unique anatomy, special physiology, restraint and handling, special housing requirements, feeding, surgery and anesthesia, diagnostics, and diseases. Multinational contributors bring their expertise related to many of the species from countries outside of North America.

Ross & Dyson : Diagnosis and Management of Lameness in the Horse, Over 1095 pp, Approx. 850 illustrations, Copyright 2003, $175.00, Hardcover
This unique, comprehensive approach to lameness describes the diagnosis and management of conditions that can cause gait abnormalities in horses, exploring both traditional treatments and alternative therapies. Broader in scope than any other book of its kind, it offers detailed descriptions of equine sporting activities and specific lameness conditions in major sport horse types. Up-to-date information on all imaging modalities encompasses radiography, ultrasonography, nuclear scintigraphy, thermography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, arthroscopy, tenoscopy and bursoscopy. Particular emphasis is placed on clinical examination and diagnostic analgesia. A companion CD-ROM features nearly 60 minutes of video segments that demonstrate common forelimb and hindlimb lameness and gait abnormalities.

Plunkett: Emergency Procedures for the Small Animal Veterinarian, 2nd Edition,  600 pp., 39 ills., Copyright 2001, $49.95, Softcover
The 2nd Edition of this popular reference provides all of the information needed to form a diagnosis quickly and accurately, establish a prognosis, and recommend treatment for a patient suffering an illness, injury or toxic event.
McCarthy: Veterinary Endoscopy for the Small Animal Practitioner,
Approx. 624 pages, Approx. 1550 illustrations (800 in full color), Copyright 2005,
$135.00, Hardcover
Written by leading experts in veterinary endoscopy, this informative, practical guide to endoscopic imaging contains the latest information on indications, instrumentation, patient preparation and techniques. It offers valuable information on endoscopic equipment, anesthesia considerations, and guidelines for both beginning and advanced techniques. Coverage focuses on important areas such as rhinoscopy, bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy, cystoscopy, lower GI, upper GI, and more.
Dziezyc & Millichamp: Color Atlas of Canine and Feline Ophthalmology,  Approx. 256 pages, Approx. 850 illustrations, Copyright 2005, $99.00, Hardcover
Ophthalmology relies heavily on the practitioner’s ability to visually recognize ocular features and abnormalities. This atlas contains hundreds of full-color pictures of normal and diseased eyes and related structures of dogs and cats as they might be seen during an ocular examination to facilitate visual recognition of problems for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Blood & Studdert: Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary, 2nd Edition,  1380 pp., Illustd, Copyright 1999 $49.95, Softcover
The 2nd Edition of this successful and highly regarded veterinary dictionary provides a complete professional vocabulary. Now features American English spellings! This edition includes 10,000 more entries and five additional tables in the appendices of useful laboratory and clinical information. Also features expanded coverage of molecular biology, genetics, immunology, histology and embryology! Now includes American English as well as UK English.

Cover Done, Goody, Strickland & Evans:  464 pp., 770 ills., Copyright 1996, $87.95, Hardcover
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