The Alabama Animal Hall of Fame is a committee of the Alabama Veterinary Medical Association and is charged with the mission to recognize Alabama's most exceptional domestic, companion, or assistance animals.  Inductees will have displayed outstanding loyalty, courage, service, or intuitive abilities in its relations with humans.

Dr. Jan Strother, North Alabama Cat and Bird Clinic, 809 Hwy 36 East , Hartselle, AL 35640-4725, (256)773-0844,  chairs this committee.  Correspondence should be directed to her.  Other members are Dr. Belinda Hataway from Montgomery, Alabama, phone number (334)285-3331;  Dr. Robert Gaddis from Birmingham, Alabama, (205)988-8654; Dr. Caroline Schaffer from Tuskegee, Alabama (334)727-8122.

2009 ALVMA Hall of Fame Inductees


2008 ALVMA Hall of Fame Inductees


2006 ALVMA Hall of Fame Inductees


2005 ALVMA Hall of Fame Inductees

2004 ALVMA Hall of Fame Inductees

2003 ALVMA Hall of Fame Inductee




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